“Lay Down” – Melanie

We were so close there was no room

We bleed inside each other’s wounds

We all had caught the same disease

And we all sang the songs of peace

I’m a hippie at heart, especially where music is concerned.  My mom has Melanie’s album on vinyl.  The first thing I was attracted to was how beautiful she looked on the cover.  And then I heard her sing.  I have been moved to tears by this song since elementary school.

There’s so much to love here.  Melanie’s voice is unique and her performance passionate.  (She is also an incredible guitarist, as you will hear in future posts.)  The backup choir meshes with her perfectly.  I like that she chose to perform seated.  It’s all just so simple and lovely.  Even the extremely white audience is into it.

This song is so moving, to me, at least, because it gives me hope.  And even if you don’t like my hippie rhetoric, I hope that you’ll agree that it is a beautiful song.  Check out the recorded version, too; there’s an amazing poem at the beginning entitled, “Candles in the Rain.”

Is it true that people used to get together and sing songs about peace?  Or is this footage faked, like the moon landing?

In summary: Namaste.

~ by starcollecteur on September 8, 2012.

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