“An Open Letter to NYC” – Beastie Boys

Brownstones, water towers, trees, skyscrapers

Writers, prize fighters, and Wall Street traders

We come together on the subway cars

Diversity unified, whoever you are

This will be my last post for several days as I am soon to head to my old home, NYC, for a visit.  As it will be my first time there in nearly two and a half years, I am beyond excited to be back.  I can’t think of any place that has ever inspired me more.

As we all know, today is also the anniversary of the fall of the World Trade Center.  I was living in NYC at the time and felt a myriad of emotions on that day.  Above all, especially in the days following the event, I was proud to be a New Yorker.  Damn, I love that place.

So in honor of both my upcoming visit and the spirit of the city, I present to you the Beastie Boys’ “An Open Letter to NYC.”  When I was a high schooler dreaming of living in New York, no one embodied that for me more than the Beasties.

In summary: I love NY.  RIP MCA.

~ by starcollecteur on September 11, 2012.

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