“High on the Ceiling” – Anya Marina

High on the ceiling

Seeing is believing

I can’t conceive you’re even here

I have returned from my exciting, fun, but all-too-brief stay in NYC.  So incredibly great to be back, but also bittersweet in many ways.  I sometimes worry that my college days may turn out to have been the best days of my life.  I hope that’s just the jet lag talking.  It’s crazy to walk around my old neighborhoods and to find how many memories come flooding back, clear as day.  Some things have changed, but not too many.  It still feels like home.  Maybe I’ll find myself living there again someday.  I suppose only time will tell.

While there I was reminded very quickly that one of my favorite New York pastimes was just walking around on a nice day and listening to music.  I found it to be a significantly more agreeable process with my iPod than it used to be with my Discman, which I purchased around 2000 at The Wiz on Broadway.  The old Wiz location is now the newer location of the NYU Bookstore.  “Nobody beats The Wiz,” except NYU, which beats everything.

Today’s selection is an excellent choice to listen to while wandering through your old ‘hood and feeling nostalgic.  I’m almost ashamed to tell you of the bourgeois manner in which I discovered this song.  I was shopping at Anthropologie at The Americana in Glendale, CA almost exactly a year ago, and this song came on.  I just remember loving the sound, and I was especially taken with the melody of the chorus.  I made note of the lyric, “high on the ceiling,” and told myself to remember it so that I could search for it when I got home, for I did not have a smart phone at the time.  By the time I got home, I had become distracted by who knows what and could not remember the lyric.  I proceeded with online searches for Anthropologie playlists and even contacted the company to inquire.  They sent me an email of artists in heavy rotation, which I reread just now and Anya Marina was not included.  So that was virtually no help at all.

This past Friday I was in Anthropologie at 16th and 5th in NY.  I should let you know that I frequently like to stop in Anthropologie because I love the atmosphere and the pretty things, but I very seldom purchase anything.  I just want to live in a home that is decorated like the Anthropologie stores.  This song came on, and I remembered it immediately.  The wonderful news is that I have joined you in the 21st century, dear readers, and I now own a smart phone.  I launched Shazam and my burning question was answered.  And here we have “High on the Ceiling” by Anya Marina.  It is perfect for fondling lovely frocks and daydreaming of the time when you will actually have the need for beautiful ceramic drawer pulls.  Whoever is responsible for making Anthropologie’s playlists is doing a kickass job.  Come to think of it, does anyone know how you get that job?

Anya Marina.  Is that her real name?  Sounds a bit made up but fits the image.  (I just looked it up, and these are her first and middle names.)  As already briefly touched on above I enjoy this song for simply being dreamy and sultry and sexy.  And it is full-on melancholy as well, to which I always gravitate.  There’s really not much to it, lyrics-wise.  I take it as just a brief slice of life.  Anya here is doing some snooping and has contacted “Cheaters” and this dude isn’t the man she thought he was.  Or is he?  I can’t tell.  I love the hand claps.  And the cover art.

In summary: Thank you, Shazam.

~ by starcollecteur on September 18, 2012.

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