“Gutless” – Hole

I don’t really miss God

But I sure miss Santa Claus

I just listened to Hole’s Live Through This in its entirety.  I’ve owned this CD since shortly after its 1994 release.  In my opinion it is still one of the best of the era and one of the few that can be listened to and enjoyed straight through.  The song I’m enjoying most today is “Gutless.”

It’s interesting to me that this wasn’t one that I really liked very much during middle and high school.  As I recall my favorites were always “Doll Parts” (of course), “Violet,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and “Olympia.”  I assume that in my youth this song about disillusionment, disappointment, crushed hopes, dashed dreams, etc. just didn’t do it for me.  What a downer.  Good news though, it goes down much smoother now, with a little life under my belt.  And no one does it like Courtney Love.

If you used to enjoy this album back in the day, I encourage you to revisit the hole (haha) thing.  It still stands up.  Also, a nod to the cover art.  This was one of my favorites.  The image of a beautiful woman with smeared mascara has always resonated with me.  Classic contrast of hard and soft, perfect and disheveled.  And don’t forget the sweet photo on the back of Courtney as a little girl in her requisite Oregonian flannel.  She was born to live through this (haha again!).  I’m on fire.

In summary: Take a page from Courtney’s book and give Monday the finger.

~ by starcollecteur on September 24, 2012.

One Response to ““Gutless” – Hole”

  1. I loooooooove courtney. and this album. it’s so good. her later ones are great too though, this last one – nobody’s daughter, is one of my favorites.

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