“Artsy” – The Grouch (edIT Remix)

You ain’t artsier than me

‘Cause you live in Los Feliz

Bitch, you ain’t Jesus

Wow.  As I type this it’s only 9:46 am and the day is already a steaming pile.  I got a $52 parking ticket, betrayed my cat’s trust by tricking him into getting into his carrier so that I could bring him in for a dental cleaning, and in a semi-related incident, nearly ripped my belly button ring right out of my body.  Time to select an undeserving target for today’s angst: the hipster.

Are you feeling anger and frustration toward your local hipster contingent?  So is this guy The Grouch.  Some of you reading this right now may be hipsters.  Some of you may not even know it.  No…on second thought, I’m sure you know it.  You have made a very deliberate lifestyle choice.  You embody irony.  Way to be.

This song is dope.  You can find the original here, which has a cool video, but I feel that edIT did the right thing by giving this song the beat it deserves, as one YouTube commenter pointed out in surprisingly good English!  This guy’s flow is on point no matter what beat it’s set to.  I honestly don’t have too much against hipsters usually.  I don’t have much against most people usually.  But I do get my panties in a bunch when people get all up on their high horse and shove some sanctimonious line of nonsense in my face.  I feel that this can be particularly true and especially maddening in the creative world, of which The Grouch is a part.  He wants to do his thing and you should appreciate his individual artistic expression.  He’s a snowflake.  And he’s white.  So like a snowflake, he is both unique and white.  The comparison holds up.  I rest my case.

In summary: Express yourself.

~ by starcollecteur on September 25, 2012.

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