“Givin’ Up Food for Funk” – The J.B.’s

I gave up food for funk and lost ten pounds!  And you can, too!

It’s hard to eat and dance at the same time.  Although the cover art seems to indicate that one can still ingest peas.

This song likely sounds pretty familiar even if you’ve never heard the original before.  It’s just another of our Funk Friday selections that has been heavily sampled over the years because it kicks so much ass.

The J.B.’s were James Brown’s band.  Therefore they were belonging to James Brown, so I will allow the seemingly incorrect apostrophe usage.  James sometimes joined them on keys for recordings.  How about that!  Cool guy.  He just loved funk.  My goal in life is to love something as much as James Brown loved funk.

In summary: Demonstrates that you are good to go with singing just one phrase in your funk song.

~ by starcollecteur on October 20, 2012.

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