“Run for Cover” – Kito ft. Reija Lee

Time to bust out your headphones or your surprisingly powerful little portable speakers once again and play this in HD.  If within the first seven seconds your song reminds me of my favorite 8-bit songs from Mega Man 6 for original NES, it goes on the blog.

The main thing that I’m loving about these dubstep / liquid dubstep / chillstep / drumstep / whichever-subgenre-these-technically-are songs that I’m posting is that they are layer cakes of electronic goodness.  In direct opposition to a song like Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” to which I involuntarily kept listening in spite of myself because it’s catchy and repetitive and I already knew the whole thing inside and out and it was lodged in my head and I wondered if the only way to get it out was to listen to it one more time, a song like “Run for Cover” invites multiple listens because I’ve already listened to it at least a dozen times and I realize that I barely know it yet.  Presently I’m hooked on the harmony in the chorus.

Speaking of the chorus, you’ll notice that someone put significantly more thought into these lyrics than what is standard in the world of dubstep & friends.  The metaphors!  The similes!  She knows this isn’t good for her but she can’t stop and she doesn’t want to.  Oh my God, that’s exactly how I feel about dubstep!  It cannot be good for me, but “it’s like magnets are pulling me, deeper and deeper.”  Everything about this is addictive.  Frankly the whole package is damn sexy.  Kito and Reija Lee are two badass Australian women bringing a more complex and melodic feel to dubstep and they are so hot right now.  I tried writing about this song earlier today but it just didn’t seem right in the morning.  This is your new after midnight jam.

In summary: Dubstep, we’ll never be right, with or without each other.

~ by starcollecteur on October 25, 2012.

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