“Stay Crunchy” – Ronald Jenkees

This song is rad to listen to, and the title is entirely fitting.  There is indeed an element of auditory cruchiness which is a concept I have not pondered before.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m having trouble finding words for this one, and that is always a positive sign.  It’s both retro and futuristic at once, and it’s meeting me right in the middle, making the here and now the only place in which I could conceivably exist at this moment.  Wow, really?  I’m a bit crunchy myself.

The album is called Disorganized Fun.  On the contrary, I find this track to be quite organized.  And still fun.  All of the elements feel precise.  Every facet has its part to play; nothing is wasted here.  Nothing is hitting me over the head, insisting on being acknowledged and applauded and admired.  I’m not being forced into anything.  Electronic instrumentals usually bring up specific emotions and vivid mental pictures for me, as demanded by the atmospheres of the songs, but that’s not happening this time.  Here we have a blank canvas on which to paint whatever you like.  I have a vague thought of falling into a peaceful slumber in the window seat of an airplane at sunset, and that is all.  I am literally pleased as punch to simply sit here and listen to this several times over.  Honestly it’s just nice.  Evidently I really like the song.

In summary: Good job, song.  You are enough.

Also, if you haven’t before, watch Ronald Jenkees play.

~ by starcollecteur on November 28, 2012.

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