About starcollecteur:

Many of my Facebook friends are aware that I have a penchant for posting a random song on any given day.  Now, dear reader, you can join in my stream of consciousness!  Get in my head.  Mmm… Cozy.

I pride myself on a highly eclectic musical taste.  Isn’t life so much richer that way?  Name an emotion, place, action, time of day, family member, type of flora, type of fauna, type of transportation, or weather system; somewhere in my days and days of music, I have the world’s most appropriate song.  I can’t understand people who “don’t listen to [blank].”  My life has a soundtrack at all times; therefore, I must keep the genres unrestricted.

I’ll have the opportunity here to say a good deal more about each day’s musical selection than I am able to do on Facebook.  I’d like to let you know why I happen to be into a song on a given day, any recollections I may have of first hearing it, any notable personal memories, and of course, my highly respected artistic analyses.

I intend for 99% of the music posted to be something to which you would enjoy listening.  Even if you don’t really love a song, I hope that you will at least find it interesting.  In many cases it will be a song that you’ve never heard before; in others, it will be an old friend giving you a warm and/or awkward and/or overly familiar hug.  I don’t want to bash songs here, but there may be a good 1% of the time during which I’ll post a song that is so bad it’s good.  Or maybe I just want to bash it.  Sometimes I have a bad day.

The focus here will be on the songs themselves, but I may include commentary on the accompanying YouTube video on occasion.

There are few things in life more fulfilling to me than discovering a song which I absolutely love.  Please bear with me as I work to make this blog the best it can be.  Most importantly I hope to enjoy writing it and I hope that you will enjoy listening and reading.

More about me:

Originally from Hollywood, Florida, I spent my college years in New York City.  Presently I am an actress, writer, and musician based in Los Angeles.  www.jessicascheid.com

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